Scheduled Group Ceremonies

Please contact Caitlin to organize your own group or private session.

NOTE: I will be traveling in Thailand and will be unavailable to serve Kambo between October 19th 2018 and November 16th 2018.

San Diego

Morning ceremonies @ 10 am

  • Friday, October 5th

  • Saturday, October 6th

  • Sunday October 7th

  • Saturday, November 24th

  • Friday, November 30th

  • Saturday, December 1st

  • Sunday, December 2nd

  • Friday, January 11th

  • Saturday, January 12th

  • Sunday January 13th

Evening Ceremonies @ 6:30 pm

  • Friday, September 28th

  • Friday, October 19th

  • Tuesday, November 20th

  • Thursday December 13th

3-Day Session Opportunities

  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
    October 5th, 6th and 7th
    10:00 am

  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    November 30th, Dec 1st and 2nd
    10:00 am

  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    January 11th, 12th and 13th
    10:00 am

Out of Town Ceremonies

Los Angeles

  • Friday, October 12th 6:30 pm-Group ceremony in Venice

  • Thursday October 11th, Afternoon and Evening available for privates or group

Please contact Caitlin at 858-736-6889 or email at to inquire about different ceremony dates. You can schedule a private session, or organize your own group on dates not listed above.

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