After struggling with a chronic health condition that encompassed Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, bacterial infections, depression, pain and food sensitivities, Caitlin found herself receiving incredible benefit from Kambo. Caitlin used Kambo in conjunction with other modalities to gain traction in her own healing journey. Based on the huge personal impact this medicine had on her and others around her, Caitlin felt deeply called to be in service to Kambo and all of it’s healing potential.

Caitlin is a certified IAKP Kambo practitioner by the International Association of Kambo Practitioners. Caitlin truly feels a sense of being “chosen” by the frog to act as a hollow vessel for it to do it’s work. This medicine often has it’s own agenda, choosing it’s practitioners and dragging them along for the crazy ride!

Caitlin’s background is in neurobiology, with speciality in the pathology of mood disorders and autoimmune conditions. In pursuit of her own health, Caitlin has studied nutritional neuroscience and helps people conquer their chronic health struggles, autoimmune and psychiatric conditions through diet, supplements and other healing modalities (such as Kambo). She also works in the field of psychedelic research, outreach and harm-reduction education. She owns and operates her nutritional supplement company EntheoZen out of San Diego,CA.

Caitlin’s particular style of working with Kambo ranges from strong tough love  and very gentle and yin, depending on the need of the client. With the vast majority of her clients being those with chronic health conditions, Caitlin embodies the belief that sometimes more is not more, and that heroic doses of medicines are often unnecessary and oftentimes reinforce the same intense machismo, yang energy that created the problem in the first place. Caitlin likes to emphasize the healing power of the sacred ceremonial set and setting by holding a tight, safe and supportive space. Caitlin’s style allows for a more gentle unfolding to occur that provides more space for insight, unwinding and healing. She aims for that perfect sweet spot of pushing you just to your capacity to encourage growth and expansion, without pushing too hard and causing traumatization, contraction, or overwhelming distraction from the deeper inner work. Her motto is “Strong yet Kind”.