COVID Protocol

For San Diego kambo ceremonies

How will protocols be different in order to protect me from COVID-19?

1. Kambo will be administered in a “dry method” meaning there will be no water drinking protocol or vomiting during the process.

The most notable difference in procedure is using “dry-method” technique as opposed to the more common “wet-method”.  This along with other procedural changes ensures a level of protection and a much safer environment for clients than our typical ceremonies given the current climate.

2. Ceremonies will be conducted outdoors in an open air environment.

What is Dry Kambo and is it effective?

There are two main procedural differences in Dry Kambo:

1. the 1.5-2L water consumption requirement is replaced with the absence of water for the hours leading up to the ceremony, hence the term dry.  All other guidelines are the same, e.g. fasting, contraindications, etc.
2. kambo is administered in small amounts to the participant successively until the minimum three points of kambo is received as that is the standard minimum dose, though some situations may call for less or more.  The amount of time between each added point varies from 5 to 15 minutes and individual experiences can last around an hour. This slow and low dosing style will not induce purging.

Experientially, dry kambo is a gentler process often considered pleasant by participants.  In terms of its effectiveness, many have experienced the most notable shift in their energy and outlook and healing through receiving kambo in this dry method.  Experiences will vary depending on a multitude of factors, we are confident that dry kambo is extremely effective and beneficial.  It generally affords participants more time and energy to connect with the frog and with intention, purpose, spirit, creator.  While there is no vomiting, the body & mind purge through other means and perceivable signs such as shaking, emotional releases, sweating, laughing, bowel movements, etc.

Was dry kambo created for these times?

Dry kambo is an alternative method of administering kambo and revered for its gentle experience and has been around since well before the pandemic.

Additional Information

In order to protect from the spread of COVID-19, ceremonies will be conducted in a shaded outdoor area.  Masks are also to be worn when closer than 6ft in proximity to the practitioner and other participants.  No water needs to be consumed prior to receiving kambo, and all other preparations are to be made for receiving kambo.