Lyme and Autoimmune Specialty Training (MFK-LAST)

Learn to safely and effectively serve the needs of your Kambo clients with Lyme disease and autoimmune conditions.


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Basic Kambo practitioner training isn’t enough.

Being certified as a basic Kambo practitioner does not give you the skills you need to serve your fragile clients who have Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses such as autoimmune conditions. Serving this client population without proper training CAN result in harm to the individual. To ensure that you are meeting the unique needs of your clients, you need a deeper understanding of their disease, increased risks, and clinical tendencies.

MFK-LAST makes sure you have all the tools and knowledge you need.

Our specialty training course equips you with the crucial knowledge that you need to safely practice on vulnerable client populations such as those who have Lyme disease and other autoimmune conditions.

Understanding your clients disease and needs on a deeper level allows you to be a more effective and desireable practitioner.

Learn how to keep even your most fragile clients safe with simple, but important safety measures and screening procedures.

Give your clients peace of mind that they are in good hands with a formal exam and certification.

Learn advanced detoxifcation and Kambo recovery protocols with unique strategies and combined modalities.

Get access to ongoing peer and mentor support to grow as a kambo practitioner by joining our exclusive online group.

Who is behind the course?

Medicine Frog Kambo’s Lyme and Autoimmune Specialty Training Course is designed and taught by Caitlin Thompson. Caitlin Thompson is a master Kambo practitioner that has worked with thousands of clients over the last 5 years, in particular those with chronic illness. Her personal journey with Lyme disease and autoimmunity led her to specializing in serving the needs of this population. Caitlin’s formal education is in neurobiology and she is currently an independent scientific researcher pioneering the first human Kambo research. Caitlin is sought after for her gentle and skillful methods of working with individuals with fragile health.


Senior Practitioner, Founder of Medicine Frog Kambo
Located in San Diego, CA

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