You have made a courageous step forward in your human journey to wholeness by choosing to experience the Traditional Amazonian Medicine called Kambo. Below is some important information you will need to properly prepare for your session. Please review the information carefully and feel free to contact Caitlin with any questions or concerns.

Conditions specific for Bali-located ceremonies, see text in red.


Please be sure you accurately and honestly report any diagnosed medical conditions to your practitioner. This is for your safety. All information is confidential.

You may be contraindicated to receiving Kambo if you are:

  • Pregnant or may become pregnant
  • Nursing a child under 6 months
  • Have taken 5-meo-DMT or Bufo in the last 4 weeks
  • Have had serious heart problems such as bipass surgery, valve replacement, or any open chest surgery (Stints okay, mild heart attacks okay)
  • Have had a stroke or blood clot
  • Have had a brain aneurism
  • Are taking low blood pressure medication
  • Have Addison’s disease
  • Have gone through chemotherapy within the last 4 weeks
  • Have a severe mental illness (Depression and anxiety are okay!)
  • Are taking immunosuppressant drugs for an organ transplant.
  • Are under 18 years old


Be sure to report any medications or herbal supplements you may be on. Do not take any supplements or medications unless medically necessary the day of the ceremony. Some herbs or medicines may need to be avoided for a couple of days prior to treatment. Some medications/supplements are contraindicated and may have a risk for interactions with the Kambo.


Avoid any supplements the day of your Kambo treatment. Avoid taking any medication the day of prior to your Kambo treatment unless absolutely necessary. They will likely be purged out and wasted. You can resume your regular medication regime after the session.


It is ideal to fast at least 8 hours before the Kambo ceremony. If your ceremony is in the morning, No breakfast, coffee, caffeinated tea or juice. Abstain from any supplements or medications unless necessary. You can resume medications after session.
If ceremony is in the evening, only eat a light vegetarian breakfast (eggs okay), no food after 10 am.

Water, coconut water, herbal tea w/ honey, electrolytes, and salt added to water are okay.

DO NOT DRINK EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF WATER prior to arriving to your session.


Before administering the Kambo treatment, you will be asked to drink approximately 2 liters of water to allow for easy purging and cleansing. This water will be purged out. Drinking too much water more than 15 minutes before the application of the kambo can dilute electrolyte concentrations in the body and cause a serious condition called hyponatremia. Hydrate normally throughout the day, but don’t over drink.


Days prior and following the Kambo, It is recommended to adopt a clean diet to reduce any toxic burden on the body. Avoid alcohol, dairy, sugar, and spicy food. SALT IS OKAY. Eat whole, nourishing organic food before and after to best support your body in it’s detox process afterwards. there is no traditional “Dieta” with Kambo and it is not crucial to follow a strict diet before or after the session.


*1 gallon of filtered, room-temperature, neutral pH water. Please do not bring Alkaline or distilled water. (For Bali ceremonies, I know its difficult to transport on motorbike, so just bring a large container to drink from and 2 liters of water if possible)

– A water bottle or large cup for drinking

.- Comfortable clothing that allows for exposed access to area of treatment (low back, shoulder, neck etc). A change of clothes is recommended. Accidents do happen and it’s nice to have some clean clothes to change into.

-A hair tie to tie back long hair.

-The remaining balance to your contribution.

It is recommended to not wear dangling jewelry such as necklaces or earrings that may get in the way. Also, if you wear contact lenses, it is suggested that you remove them to 1) receive sananga eye drops and 2) avoid any pain if swelling of the eyes occurs.

Ceremonies at your Location:

You will need the same items as the list above and will need to provide some other items to set up the space.

-A sheet or blanket to cover the ground and protect from spills. Cushion optional.

– a toilet paper roll and fully stocked bathroom.

-Please remove pets from the space during the ceremony. This is for their own safety.


Depending on the state of your health and how many Kambo treatments you have had, you may feel a variety of aftereffects. Many people will experience increased energy, uplifted mood, reduced stress, and improvement in pain, stamina, cognition and other medical conditions. However, you may not feel amazing right away. Feeling very sluggish after the first few treatments is quite common. Often times this can be attributed to something called the herxeimer effect or “Die off” symptoms. Kambo is potently anti-microbial and has a massive antibiotic effect on organisms in the body. As the organisms die, they burst open and release a number of toxic substances that the body has to filter out and detoxify. This can produce feelings of lethargy, depression, aches and pains, insomnia, and intestinal irritation. This is a very common reaction and will usually last between 1-7 days depending on the person. It is a good sign that the kambo is working and shuttling out toxins. This after-effect usually gets shorter and shorter each time and usually passes after multiple treatments.

It is not uncommon to feel disoriented or overwhelmed by certain aspects of life after your session. You may feel highly sensitive, or have emotions bubble up to the surface. You may receive messages loud and clear about how certain toxic relationships, jobs, behaviors or settings are not serving you. Sometimes these insights can be disruptive to our lives as we bulldoze our cottage to build a castle. There are a number of integration support resources for those who need it, and Caitlin is always available for support as well.

Be sure to nourish your body with healthy food and allow your self to get lots of rest. Ideally, you should not plan anything important directly after your session so that you have ample time to recover and integrate your experience. Avoid alcohol, inflammatory food, stress, and overexertion. Your body will be working hard to detox so do your best to avoid burdening it with any additional toxicity or stress. Allow your self time for self-care and naps.

If nausea, vomiting, headache or dizziness continues hours after the treatment, please contact Caitlin immediately.

For Bali Ceremonies: If you drive a motorbike as your form of transportation, please consider getting a Gojek incase you feel exhausted or foggy after your session.


Want to get the most out of your Kambo ceremony?

Download our free Intention and Integration Worksheet Guide for before and after exercises that optimize your benefits.


You will have the option before and after your session to partake in the use of råpe and sananga. These are both traditional Amazonian medicines that have been used safely in conjunction with Kambo by the tribes of the Amazon.


Råpe (pronounced hape) is a snuff that is generally a combination of tobacco, ash and various other plants, seeds, flowers, herbs etc. It is blown up the nostrils where it rapidly gets absorbed through the sinus’. Råpe is used during Kambo treatments when there is an energetic blockage, and can be used to induce purging. It is also used prior to receiving Kambo to help ground energy, clear any chaotic buzz, and focus in on our intention.


Sananga is made from the Amazonian plant Tabernaemontana undulate. The fermented extract contains various alkaloids, including ibogaine-like compounds. It is administered as eye drops. Sananga has been used traditionally to improve visions in the third eye, as well as treat a number of ocular conditions in the eyes. It contains powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that improve eye health. It is believed to clear “Panema” or bad luck/negative energy. One drop is placed in each eye while lying down. Sananga causes an intense burning sensation for a about a minute, but dissipates quickly. The experienced is usually over within 5-10 minutes. Afterwards the individual has improved vision, groundedness, relaxation and sense of spiritual clarity.

FOR BALI CEREMONIES- Sananga may or may not be available as part of your ceremony depending on supply. We apologize if this is the case and do our best to have access to all these sacramental medicines to our best ability.

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