Medicine Frog Kambo is at the forefront of Kambo scientific research

Medicine Frog Kambo’s founder, Caitlin Thompson is pioneering the field of scientific research on Kambo.

Here is a list of Medicine Frog Kambo’s current Kambo research projects.

1. “Use of Phyllomedusa bicolour poison during kambô ritual: Observational responses, dosage and risk of adverse events.”

Retrospective data analysis

(pending publication)

2. “The physiological effects of Kambo: A comprehensive review of the peptides found in Phyllomedusa bicolor skin secretion”

Literature review

(submitted for publication July 27, 2021)

3. “Psychoemotional outcomes of the Kambo ritual”

Observational study

(funding secured July 2021, on schedule to start in 2022)

 If you are a part of a academic institution or research organization interested in collaboration, please contact