Caitlin helped steward me through a life and health changing event in 2018. Kambo turned out to be just what I needed! Caitlin was caring and professional every step of the way. She made me feel safe during the entire procedure. I have had four sessions with her, and if I ever need Kambo again, Caitlin will be my first choice. She is a true healer….and those are rare.

Julia Holland

I was hesitant to try Kambo but I am very glad I did! I have experienced an increase in energy, clarity and new insights, and release from many years of addictive patterns. Kambo worked more quickly and powerfully than anything else I have tried. Caitlin was wise beyond her years and created a safe container for the transformative experience. Having a calm, knowledgeable, and experienced facilitator is crucial. I am so glad I took the chance and would highly recommend the experience with Caitlin to anyone being called to try.

Dr Starr

When I first met Caitlin, I had been struggling with Epstein Barr Virus for
nearly 6 months. When all other remedies failed, I flew to San Diego to
work with Caitlin. After just two Kambo sessions with her, my sickness
went into remission and has never returned. It’s been three years since
my first Kambo session and I am still feeling vibrant and healthy.

Caitlin is a sensitive healer, with expert knowledge of Kambo and its unique properties. I am forever grateful to have found her!

Andrea Daerice

Before deciding to work with Caitlin, I did research on her and the other local Kambo practitioners. What I found most appealing about Caitlyn is that her background in science as well as her dedication to the spiritual path gives her a unique and holistic understanding of the medicine that I don’t often find in these alternative/spiritual-based healing modalities. She also healed herself from an auto-immune disorder similar to mine which gave me an extra confidence in the medicine, as well as her as a practitioner of it and her sincere empathy and understanding of my situation. My sessions with her have been great – I feel very held by someone I have deep trust and respect for. After the sessions I feel very content and at ease emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. I highly recommend working with her if you value a practitioner who has explored deep into spiritual realms and understands the science behind the medicine. tings.

Ryan Ford

A group of friends introduced me to Kambo in Mexico last fall. I was later able to find Caitlin via the internet which enabled me to continue with therapy. I have a condition called fibromyalgia. I was originally hoping that the Kambo might help me with my pain problems. As it turns out, the Kombo seems to have had the most dramatic effect on my immune system. I have not gone through a winter in the last 30 years without getting a cold and or the flu. It usually ends up in my lungs as asthma or bronchitis. Invariably I have to go onto antibiotics. This last winter is the first that this has not happened. Everyone in my family has picked up a bug or two except me. This is really quite different for me. I am a retired owner of a manufacturing company. I have been to doctors all over the US and also a few other countries trying different therapies and nothing seems to have had such a dramatic effect. I have a son with a similar problem who has started Kambo therapy with Caitlin. Hopefully this will be as helpful to him. We feel really lucky to have someone as experienced and competent as Caitlin offering this medicine locally settings.

Bill W